Our methodology is based on an effective HUMANISTIC approach; everything revolves around the students, their needs and their competences. Our students are constantly accompanied, from the beginning to the end of their successful path.

To evaluate your level of expertise you have two possibilities:
1. an ONLINE TEST that you can access anytime, anywhere
2. a placement TEST at school

Both tests will be evaluated by teachers who will take into account your needs and your requirements, to direct you to the course that’s right for you and to help you achieve proficiency.
The courses represent a moment of discovery and growth and they are built around your needs. We realize that communicating in general is a priority for your everyday life, so we will help you achieve this by coaching you with textbooks, modern and practical, but also with authentic and engaging material.
We use cutting-edge technologies in order to put people in direct contact with the current Italian reality, making use of all channels of perception to enable the mastery of a foreign language.
At the end of each course you will receive an assessment that will help you understand your progress.
If you are interested in a formal assessment it is possible to do a final TEST.

Our students

Students’ needs are our starting point. For whatever reason you wish to study Italian, come and visit us. Together we will define the perfect course that fits you.
We will provide you with all necessary tools to master the language with emphasis on cultural aspects which are essential for a genuine understanding of the multifaceted reality of Italian culture, history and life.
For this reason we have established partnerships with schools located in some of the most beautiful places in Italy, such as “Il Sasso” in Montepulciano (Tuscany) and “SorrentoLingue- Istituto Sant’Anna” in Sorrento (Campania), where we offer our students study holidays that are unique and unforgettable.
We also collaborate with prestigious companies and universities.

The levels

Being aware that each student learns and acquires a foreign language at different speed than others, we have designed a ‘plan’ of customised levels.
Using the ‘common European framework of reference for languages ‘ (‘Quadro Comune Europeo di Riferimento per le Lingue’) as a benchmark, we have divided the proficiency levels in four main categories:

1.P – beginner
2.A – elementary
3.B – intermediate
4.C – advanced

This choice stems from our experience in multicultural classes where the personal realities of students are extremely different, both in their languages of origin and individual characters. For this reason we have provided reinforcing activities to suit all needs.

For absolute beginners, or those who have no knowledge of the Italian language: whether it is due to the fact that the original mother tongue has nothing to do with the Italian language or because they never studied our language in general. The beginner course will provide you with the right tools in order to take on a course taught at an elementary level. 4 weeks
Beginners are able to understand and reproduce single decontextualized words and very simple phrases. Elementary students can build phrases, manage everyday situations and give personal information based on the present and the past. Understanding of simplified short texts, both written and oral.
8 weeks : elementary 1, 4 weeks / elementary 2, 4 weeks
Attainment of linguistic awareness and usability. Introduction of modes and tenses (conditional or subjunctive) that enable a wide range of action at both the receptive and production levels. Dealing with authentic texts in neo-standard Italian and in the field of interest. Argumentation skills.
12 weeks : intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 (B1 6 weeks-B2 6 weeks)
Ability to understand and produce all types of text, even with the use of specific language. Deepening and improving all linguistic structures and skills.
16 weeks : advanced 1 (C1), 8 weeks / advanced 2 (C2), 8 weeks