Public transport in Milan


Would you like to come and study Italian in Milan and you don't know how to move around in town?
No problem, Spaziolingua always helps its students!
Our Italian language school for foreigners is located in the center of Milan. The city is beautiful: you must come and discover it! Milan has 4 subway lines and many streetcars and buses. Studying with us can be in the morning, in the afternoon and also in the evening. The subway closes around midnight or a little later, but our evening courses end at 8.30, so you will still have time for a nice aperitivo or a fantastic dinner: near our Italian school there are many nice places to drink and to eat. Let yourself be guided by Spaziolingua to discover the city of Milan and to learn the Italian language in a fun and effective way. If you want to participate in our language courses you can take the green subway and get off at Cadorna stop, the square also has a train station, so if you live outside the city you will have no problem getting to our school. The subway in Milan is easy to use and very convenient, the directions are mainly in Italian, but if you study with Spaziolingua you will have no problem moving around the city and out of town for many pleasant trips using the train or other means you like. So don't miss this opportunity, start studying Italian with us, get oriented in the Italian language together with other students like you who want to learn and have fun. If you don't have the possibility to come to school in presence, remember that Spaziolingua organizes Italian language courses also online! You can participate in groups or individually and it will be great to have a teacher who connects with you while you are perfectly comfortable where you want to be. We are waiting for you with open arms!

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Study visa for Italian language courses in Italy


Do you want to come to Italy for a study experience? Great!
And do you need a visa? Our Italian language school here in Milan can help you. For people interested in studying the Italian language there is the possibility to apply for a study visa by attending an Italian language course. A study visa is necessary for students who do not have a European Community passport and wish to stay in Italy for several months. Spaziolingua has students from all over the world and we always work with people who need to apply for a visa.
First of all if you wish to learn the Italian language and study in our school, you will be happy to know that we are very close to the center of Milan and very convenient to reach by public transportation. But how can you come to Italy for several months and study with a student visa?
The most important thing is to check the required documents on the website of the Italian Consulate or Embassy in your country. Our language school always has courses for the various levels and it will be a pleasure to give you a free level test to understand your level of knowledge of the Italian language and advise you on the best class for your study.
To do this, it just takes a little bit of planning in advance: sometimes the visa application takes a little bit of time, but we at Spaziolingua will be with you every step of the way.
You should know that if you want to come and take an Italian course here in Italy and you only want to stay 3 months you don't necessarily need a study visa because you can enter Italy as a simple tourist. If you wish to discover everything about Italy and the Italian language, studying here with us for several months, you need to prepare some important documents to submit for the visa application.
Let's see together which are the most common:
- your passport valid for more than 3 months from the dates of the requested visa
- confirmation of sufficient financial means to support yourself during your stay in Italy
- an internationally valid health insurance policy
- certificate of enrollment in an Italian language school, just like Spaziolingua
- accommodation in Italy, which our school can help you to find if you want.
To get the visa it is necessary to enroll in a course with particular characteristics such as the duration of 20 lessons per week and Spaziolingua can offer you in the morning or afternoon this kind of Italian language course in very fun classes focused on your serene and fast learning.
Pay attention: some countries require that the person requesting to come to study Italian already have a specific level of knowledge. Are you a complete beginner? Don't worry, our language school can help you with online lessons: it will be effective and fun to have an online teacher all for you who will help you reach the Italian language knowledge required in your country.
What are you waiting for? Contact Spaziolingua now for a free online interview, prepare now for your arrival in Italy and start your Italian language course with us.

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Learn Italian in Milan


Do you want to come to Milan to take an Italian language course?
Do not hesitate to write us to receive information about the study visa for the Italian course!
You can also attend the Italian online course from the comfort of your home or office.
We organize group courses and one to one language courses, online courses and as soon as it is possible to attend courses in presence!

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Online Italian course on Skype


Right now that it’s hard to travel why don't you continue to immerse yourself virtually in culture by attending an online Italian course?
Our Skype courses are flexible and meet all needs.
Italian courses will help you keep in touch with a language and culture you love even remotely, attending an online Italian course.
Thanks to the online courses you will have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and interact with an Italian teacher who will lead your Italian online course.

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