Study in Italy: student visa


Visa to study in Italy

Are you not a European citizen and do you need a study visa to study in Italy?

A foreign resident from a non-European country can ask a study visa to the Italian Embassy or Consulate of his/her country for long term study of more than 3 months.

The VISA will be given in about 90 days (usually 2/4 weeks) and lasts for the entire course duration and cannot be longer than one year. This kind of course has a minimum of 80 lessons per month.

Study in Italy: student visa

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Consular procedures

Required documents:

  1. Passport valid for at least 4 months
  2. Airline ticket or booking
  3. Passport photo
  4. Proof of address or fax
  5. Proof of enrolment at SPAZIOLINGUA, detailing the start date and duration, the full address of the institution, and proof that the full course fee has been paid up front. Legally, the course must include 80 lesson hours per month (such as our long courses)
  6. Proof of accommodation for the entire length of stay (we offer our students a helping hand in finding accommodation)
  7. Proof of the student’s financial means. The student will need to be able to show they have around €900 of funds for each month they intend to stay (photocopy of credit card statement, bank statement, a declaration of means of financial support, a declaration guaranteeing support by a third party)
  8. International health insurance which is valid in Italy

We encourage you to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s website for further information.



In case of denial and after the presentation of the official letter of the Consulate, joined to the school letter and payment invoice, the student will receive the refund of the amount paid, excluding office expenses.

Expenses for payment through bank transfer will be paid by the student. Visa courses are not convertible with any other kind of course and have the same duration of the study visa.